The annual production salary and benefits for the South Central Kentucky study released

Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce today host annual Kentucky Association of manufacturers (Kam) salary and benefits survey presentation, which aims to highlight the results of the annual survey conducted by Kentucky producers.

The survey was released on 3 December 2013 and surveyed a total of 190 companies in the community representing 28,785 employees. Cam President CEO Greg & Higdon began the presentation that revealed positive trends in Community production in the State as well as in South Central Kentucky.

"Kentucky Manufacturers Association is always looking for ways to help our manufacturing members manage the bottom line, and salaries and benefits are one area that we can help with," said Greg Higdon, cam President & CEO.  "Our annual salary survey report & benefits is a valuable tool for producers to use in their efforts to compensate the workers and employees in a fair and competitive manner."

The manufacturing sector in the United States is the second largest in the world and the industry are engaged in 8.2 percent of the workforce, United States. The Kentucky manufacturing jobs account for more than 219,000 of hush.

The results of the survey show an upward trend in the demand for production workers as 55 percent of South Central Kentucky growers said they intend to hire 1-19 employees in 2014. this directly correlates with 57 percent of the growers statewide, which indicates the same initiative.

These numbers are on the heels of a report last year in support of manufacturing in South Central Kentucky calls for demand of 4,500 workers by 2016 and 9000 by 2020 and shows the same call to action for skilled labour.

"We have taken active steps to identify the need for qualified and motivated labour force production in our region," said bowling green area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ron & bunch. "Cam results only strengthen the efforts we have taken to bring together organizations and individuals in our community that can lead to the challenge. We can use those numbers as a fuel for ignition of the implementation plan, now being rolled out in many ways to meet the needs of our industries. "

The manufacturing sector has a significant impact on the economy in South Central Kentucky and the Commonwealth. The study of Cam reported 1.7 spin-off jobs that exist for each production work. These positions exist to meet the needs of the industry, including suppliers, warehousing and transportation.

Manufacturing salaries in South Central Kentucky, continue to be higher than the average salary for other professions. Of the observed manufacturers reported an average salary of $ 21.65 per hour, 21 percent higher than the average wage per hour for all occupations in the region reported by the Bureau of labor statistics. This hourly rate is 9.7% lower than the reported average salaries, providing a competitive business advantage for regional producers.

Production workers in the region received benefits slightly higher than those in other parts of the State and generates a level of performance, which is indicated by 93 percent of regional manufacturers such as good or excellent.

"We are located in the market place that provides a strategic location, low cost for business and a qualified and motived staff," said bunch. "The response of the producers in our region repeated that promise and demonstrates why the South Central Kentucky continues to grow and flourish."

The study of Cam is held annually from IQS research and was sponsored by Kentucky and workforce development Cabinet Department of workforce investment Office of employment training; Bowling green area Chamber of Commerce and South Central Kentucky partnership, regional economic development; The greater Owensboro economic development corporation; Northwest Kentucky forward; Northern Kentucky Tri-County Economic Development Corporation; Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce; Foundation for Kentucky industries, Inc; and Kentucky Association of producers.

Included in 1935, bowling green area Chamber of Commerce is a 5-star accredited by the u.s. Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce and was named the 2009 House of the year by the American Chamber of commerce executives. As the fourth largest stock in Kentucky Chamber serves as a premier business lawyer for partners more than 1100 and is the driving force for economic development in South Central Kentucky.

Its main objectives are to promote the growth and success in the business community, reaching your small business partners and those in major industries. With leadership programs, government relations projects, educational initiatives and opportunities for participation, the Chamber aims to support the community and its neighbours with a view to improving the business climate and continue to grow in the region.

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