Xervéo - The Future of Weight Loss

Xervéo, a direct sales company based out of Salt Lake City Utah, has partnered with some of the most well known and successful network marketing leaders to bring to market a new weight loss beverage that targets appetite control. Launching in January 2013, Xervéo stands to be the next network marketing giant with a focus on stability, honesty and transparency.  

Xervéo Corporate Mission:

Xervéo aims to help individuals across the country achieve their ultimate human potential.  Through powerful weight loss supplements and a compensation model that can create financial independence, Xervéo stands to help millions of people across the country achieve their health and wealth goals.  

Xervéo Product Line:

The Xervéo product line will focus on areas inside of weight loss.  The first product launching in Jan 2013 is called Xervéo Motion and is a powerful appetite suppressant beverage packaged in a convenient 8.4 oz can.

Xervéo Motion contains Garcinia Cambogia which Dr. Oz recently named "The Holy Grail of Weight Loss".  Garcinia Cambogia has been clinically shown to support healthy weight management, caloric intake and healthy appetite control. More products are set to launch in 2013 and 2014, all of which are new category creating products within the weight loss arena.

Xervéo Compensation Plan:

The Xervéo compensation plan brings together the best aspects from both the uni level and the matrix plans.  While most plans require complicated personal sponsoring or the balancing of volume between two legs, Xervéo requires neither.  This powerful "powergrid" payment platform allows you to be paid on up to 20 million distributor positions by only sponsoring 3 people personally.  

Xervéo works with some of the most well known network marketing legal firms in the country to ensure that the Xervéo payout is one of the highest in the industry. Within your 3x15 powergrid, you can work to earn from both depth and width and the income potential literally grows exponentially with each new distributor that becomes part of your business, whether you personally enrolled them or not.

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