Unstoppable Family Celebrates Third Anniversary of Traveling the World

The Unstoppable Family will celebrate their third anniversary of traveling the world in Praia da Pipa, Brazil. Their journey was only meant to last two years, but it looks like their journey really is Unstoppable.

Three years ago on November 25th, 2008, Rhonda and Brian Swan left behind their material things and embarked on an Endless Summer Journey with their daughter Hanalei. Since that day, their travels have taken them to countless countries including Hawaii, Bali, Australia, Fiji, Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and now Brazil. With a passion for surfing, they have travelled far and wide in search of the best waves.

The Swans are top income earners with LifePath Unlimited, an extraordinary home-based business opportunity that has allowed them to quit the corporate rat race and travel the world. Through personal development products and live events, LifePath Unlimited helps people to achieve entrepreneurial success and reach higher levels of happiness and wellbeing.

The Unstoppable Family’s inspirational story saw them ditching their corporate jobs and six-figure salaries in San Diego so that they could spend time with their daughter and not have to put her through day care.

They realised that although they were supposedly living the 'American Dream' with multiple luxury homes and fast cars, it wasn’t necessarily their dream. Their jobs left them feeling emotionally hollow, so they decided to radically change their lives and set up a mobile business in personal development, teaching people to create wealth and live their dreams.

Like many successful entrepreneurs though, the Swans have had to overcome major obstacles. They invested money in a golf course and property development, but the money disappeared and the golf course was never built, resulting in an expensive court battle. The Swans lost a lot of money, sold their homes and decided that they could either stay and rebuild their lives in San Diego, or pursue their dream to travel the world and let go of their material things.

Rhonda and Brian swapped their business suits for bathing suits and their offices for hammocks, so they can live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. They are living proof of the 4-hour-work-week and are constantly breaking the mould when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle while traveling.  

Their mission is to enjoy life to the fullest and to be an example to individuals, couples and families that you can live and travel whilst thriving financially, mentally, physically and spiritually. Rhonda and Brian travel the world, posting videos of their adventures on their blog, http://unstoppablefamily.com

To celebrate the 3-year anniversary, The Unstoppable Family have created a video called “How to Create Your Perfect Day” in which Brian Swan shows you how to create your perfect day, every day. Visitors to their Facebook page can click the ‘Like’ button, watch the video and download a list of questions to get started. You can 'like' their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/unstoppablefamily

About LifePath Unlimited

LifePath Unlimited provides audio and video materials, online resources, motivational speakers and exciting events to assist people in unlocking their true potential. This extraordinary home-based business opportunity provides the tools, products and training necessary to achieve entrepreneurial success. Countless individuals in their community prosper professionally and financially and have the flexibility to live a lifestyle by design. Many of them are traveling the world and living life to the fullest.

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