Real Estate Flipping: How To and Coaching

On March 18-20th Fortune Forward Education will be hosting its first “Flipping for Financial Freedom” in Bloomington. “As we all know, the glut of foreclosure properties on the market are in a state of disrepair, and typically require rehab to become habitable.” said Mike Mangan, CEO and Founder of Fortune Forward Education.   “This represents a phenomenal opportunity for the educated investor who can acquire these properties at prices well below market value.  After rehabbing the property, the investor can resell it for a handsome profit to owner occupant buyers who are unable or unwilling to rehab a property themselves.”  

The goal of the “Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom” workshop is to assist less experienced investors in profitably and effectively managing a flip transaction. There are various potentially costly, but avoidable, pitfalls inherit in flipping a property.  It is more important than ever that investors take the steps necessary to reduce risk and optimize their profits.

“With Spring around the corner, now is the ideal time for flippers to start the flip investment cycle, which typically lasts between 4-7 months,” said Mangan.  “As most Midwesterners know, winter is not the ideal time for home buyers to go house hunting.  However, winter IS the ideal time for an investor to purchase a flip property.  Purchasing in late winter or early spring allows the smart investor to be poised to have the property fixed up and on the market at the start of summer.  As summer is traditionally the season with the highest volume of buyers looking to purchase, working with the seasonality of home buyers is essential”

To register for Fortune Forward’s “Flipping for Financial Freedom” Bus Tour please call (651) 636.7355 or log on to

About Fortune Forward Education, LLC

Dedicated to helping all people experience the powerful benefits of real estate, Fortune Forward Education uses their knowledge, experience and expertise to competently and ethically guide investors through the sometimes thorny and complicated real estate investment process.

Fortune Forward Education has taken all the specialized knowledge acquired through facilitating hundreds of real estate transactions, as well as the invaluable experience acquired through operating businesses in fields directly related to real estate investing, and poured it into its unique, comprehensive coaching programs, workshops and online material.

Lindsay Phillips
Marketing Assistant

Fortune Forward is an educational company focusing on Real Estate Investing. Our genuine desire is to empower others to achieve success. We are committed to motivating students to reach their goals through coaching, workshops and networking.

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