Promotion of telework adds Opening Keynote to the Summit 2012 telework program

Promotion of telework has announced the opening speaker for Telework Summit 2012 in Indianapolis.  Jody Thompson de CultureRx (ROWE) is Robyn Bews. Robyn is the creator, conservative and shift Chief Strategist, an innovative initiative of Calgary economic development. She is recognized as an authority in the transformation of people and organizations work, offering a holistic approach "ecosystem" for organizations seeking to make his turn program a reality. Robyn is dedicated to improving the quality of the discussions on the future of work.

Newly added, breakout session speakers contributing to the agenda of the Summit of telework 2012 include Amy Trulson, work for Microsoft's Americas Regional strategist. Amy's work focuses on ensuring that employees of Microsoft have cash and inspiring workplaces and following the success of the programme of work Microsoft advantage throughout the Americas.  Hannah J. Barnard, lawyer at the law firm of Bryce Downey & Lenkov, will leverage his experience of the worker compensation and insurance litigation practice areas to discuss the legal considerations of teleworking, that many companies are not given account or address when you compile a program.

More details about other contributors will be held periodically via twitter (@telework_adv) and later versions of the press. Visit to register to attend Summit of telework 2012 or to download the brochure of the attendees.  Registration fee is $250, but Booker a discount has been extended through August 31 for $175.

Summit of telework is supported by a group of leading solution providers of telework including Officescape, Bush business furniture, charter, Comcast, Cox Communications, D-Link, Teletrips, e-trabajo, work better and more.  For more information about sponsorship or to attend Summit of telework 2012 in Indianapolis, visit or follow us on Twitter @telework_adv.

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