Perfect World Marketing releases proprietary TRI-DEP-TRIX® technology

Perfect World Marketing, Inc. (PWM) announced the release of thier proprietary TRI-DEP-TRIX® technology.  This technology is the first clearly innovative addition to compensation plans for network marketers over the last few decades. To date, no other company has taken the time to guarantee continuous assistance from team members to help satiate neighboring business centers or in other words, until the creation of Perfect World Marketing, there has never been a company so focused on helping its Representatives to help each other.

The TRI-DEP-TRIX® includes a revolutionary 3 x 2 matrix platform that force fills vacant positions with the assistance of team support. The century’s old objective of helping each other has never been more simple or easy to implement.

Today, with Perfect World Marketing’s Tri-Dep-Trix® technology and their exclusive DUAL ENTRY POSITIONING (DEP), marketers around the globe are assisted by each retail sale made individually AND by those marketers in their personal matrix. Each retail sale is recorded by filling not one, but TWO business centers in thier personal matrixes. This new technology permits forced assistance to the novice marketer, as well as rapid cycling for the expert.

Peter Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Perfect World Marketing, remarked, "Perfect World Marketing is revolutionary and more exciting than that, relevant and necessary in today’s struggling economy. The Tri-Dep-Trix® is the first new technology in twentyfive to thirty to come out in the Direct Sales industry.  Network Marketers around the globe are looking for something new and unique and Perfect World Marketing was able to provide that solution."

Perfect World Marketing is the first network marketing company giving money, power and financial peace of mind using the Perfect Debt Solution software as a powerful tool that enables consumers to pay off their debt in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 of the time.

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