Economy: Is the Job Marketplace Being Replaced With ‘Micro Jobs’ Online? The SFI agrees!

A social commerce site, or more commonly known as micro job or gig site, named has been paving the way in helping to build up our economy, from online. Launching in late October of 2010, they are quickly becoming very credible in helping the unemployed obtain what has been notably referred to as “micro-employment.” A quick email verification upon registration, and a couple of hours of posting and sharing simple services, tasks, and/or products you may have, will put real money into your PayPal account, in only 48 hours later.

According to The Success Factory International, “America is in the midst of an extraordinary workplace transformation… the home-based business phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down.”

These gig sites have popped up all over the place online, yet only a small market are most familiar with them. The simple question of “what would you do for $5,” has brought on a deluge of “micro-marketplaces,” that has been the replacement of regular 9-5s for a lot of users who occupy them.

“I got consumed as a buyer at first because of how fun the searching was for gigs I’d come across. Then I decided to give it shot and sell a few myself, and I made my first $30 online in a week!” says Larry Saber, who is the founder of “The problem I saw was the more high paying gig sites, didn’t get much traffic. So the lower paying sites were the most active. You could get a bunch of sales fairly quickly, but only have a few bucks to show for it. That’s when I decided to launch a high paying gig site that paid out the fastest (instead of the average 10-14 day wait payout period), and brought in a lot of traffic. Who knew it would replace some people’s jobs in a few weeks’ time?”

Trading Economics says, “The unemployment rate in the United States was last reported at 9 percent in October of 2011. From 1948 until 2010 the United States' Unemployment Rate averaged 5.70 percent reaching an historical high of 10.80 percent in November of 1982 and a record low of 2.50 percent in May of 1953.”

With statistic as such, and opportunities that have been consistently sprouting from sites like, maybe we will be able to save ourselves without the government’s help.

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