Beauty Health Gift Items Still Most Popular During This Christmas

Despite the mad rush for electronic gift items such as smartphones and tablet PC's this Christmas season, health and beauty items remain higher on Christmas gift lists everywhere, evidenced by rising sales of heating and pain relief products as the cold months come along.

That's good news for companies like Chi Activate, makers of the ChiSoft Neck Traction device. But according to Mark, Product manager of Chi Activate, the popularity of beauty health and products in the Christmas months doesn't come as a surprise.

“We at Chi Activate have known for years that beauty and health is one of the greatest Christmas gifts you can give to a loved one,” Mark says. “Giving someone a $79 device to get rid of that decade-long neck pain is arguably more meaningful than a $499 tablet PC you'll have to lean in to use, wouldn't you say?”

Free Shipping And Extended Money-Back

Like many similar companies, Chi Activate also goes the extra mile for their customers by making the Christmas shopping experience easier. For instance, Chi Activate is waiving all shipping fees on items bought from their online store this Christmas Season.

Chi Activate also extended their money-back guarantee to 45 days to accommodate returns and replacements -- “Just in case they really did want that tablet PC,” Mark laughs.

The Christmas gift shopping have been planned in advance. “We pay very close attention to what our customers are saying about our products,” Mark explains with a smile. “We knew that while our health products relieved their pain and discomfort, promos like these may also offer some financial relief -- something we all need in today's economic climate.”

That means products like the ChiSoft Neck Traction, which has helped slipped disc and whiplash sufferers relieve chronic neck pain right at home, can reach doorsteps more quickly, more easily, and more affordable. More about neck traction here:

Spreading The Christmas Warmth

Warmers are also high on Christmas gift lists everywhere this year, especially in colder climes. That means even more good news for companies like Chi Activate and their customers, who offer health products that relieve pain through sustained heating.

Two such health products on Chi Activate's roll include the Bio Heating Shoulder Pad (, designed to relieve shoulder pain and reduce stress and tension, and the ChiOndo Microwave Heating Pad, which relieves aching muscles and joints with the use of safe, far-infrared radiation.

Chi Activate is a company that specializes in health products that relieve chronic pain in the muscles and joints, right in the comforts of home. For more information on Chi Activate's products, visit their website at

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