Bcharmed Joins Direct Sales Family

After a year and a half of rigorous planning and preparations, the team behind Bcharmed is pleased to announce the company’s official launching.  Bcharmed is a new party-plan direct sales company that offers a line of customizable jewelry pieces.

Bcharmed offers a wide selection of jewelry ranging from charm bracelets and necklaces, stamped metals, key chains, to customizable charms including baubles, locket pendants, and birthstone necklaces. The company utilizes a multi-level marketing framework for distribution, offering their independent stylists 2% up to 9% of their recruits’ commissionable sales. Personal sales commissions range from 20% to 37%, depending on one’s level of leadership. Bcharmed’s strength is in their products and compensation plan, which is up to par with some of the largest direct sales companies in the industry.

Bcharmed starter kits are offered for $199, which is within the standard price range of average starter kits offered by direct sales companies. The kit includes $600 worth of Bcharmed products.  Other stylist exclusives that new sales representatives can expect to receive upon joining include; business tools, full access to the company’s official training and support forum, and a B Compensated card file. Starter kits are also inclusive of free catalogs, boutique invitations, boutique hostess sign up forms, order forms, business cards, and optional branding packages including bags, apparel, and company stickers for cars.  

Bcharmed features showcase boutiques, which is the company’s version of a catalog party. Stylists are given a portable kit that include catalogs and inventory products to allow interested consumers to “see and feel” the products for themselves. Consumers are given freedom over how they want their Bcharmed jewelry designed and customized. The team behind Bcharmed encourages consumers through their products to “cherish special moments through symbols that will allow them to remember these special events forever”.  The company ensures product quality to consumers through their “Lifetime Replacement” guarantee.

Aside from the business opportunity, the company is also proud to announce its hostess rewards program for people interested in hosting Bcharmed boutique parties.  Hostesses can earn a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 25% free Bcharmed credits, which can be used to purchase any Bcharmed jewelry piece from the catalog. The rewards program also offers 50% discounts on up to four products to party hostesses, depending on party sales.  

Interested direct sellers who want to learn more about this new direct sales company can visit Bcharmed’s official website, http://www.Bcharmed.com or contact an independent stylist in their area.

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