Marketing For Dummies

Covers everything from essential marketing principles and techniques to the latest methods and trends

Want to sharpen your marketing skills to promote your products and services? Whether you're introducing a new product or jumpstarting your existing marketing plans, Marketing For Dummies, 3rd Edition, helps you get a handle on such basic marketing concepts as the four P's-product, pricing, positioning, and placement - and boost your sales with innovative new approaches.

Packed with over 25 percent new and revised material, this practical, savvy, guide shows you how to treat every aspect of interacting with customers-including customer service and the product itself - as an opportunity to grow the organization. You'll learn how to prepare hard-hitting campaigns, plan a marketing budget and stick to it, and seize new opportunities to increase customer awareness and appreciation of your product or service.

  • Explains Internet and search engine marketing to work for you

  • Helps you identify customers where you least expect them

  • Offers tips on using online resources to size up competitors

  • Covers effective product positioning in a crowded marketplace

  • Introduces guerilla and global marketing

You don't have to be a marketing genius to expand your customer base and boost sales, but you will need a little help from Marketing For Dummies, 3rd Edition.

Price: $21.99

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Best-selling financial author and success expert Robert Allen joins ARIIX

ARIIX, a premier global health and wellness company, is pleased to announce that acclaimed financial investment expert and New York Times bestselling author Robert G. Allen has joined their team as a spokesperson and developer of Representative training programs.

Robert Allen has developed powerful programs for achieving personal and financial success, which have guided millions of readers for more than three decades. He has appeared on programs such as Good Morning America and Larry King, and has also been featured in national publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal and Money magazine to Redbook and Reader’s Digest. Robert will play an important role at ARIIX, developing training programs for Representatives, as well as helping to spread their shared vision of true, long-lasting health and wellbeing.

Robert felt an immediate connection to ARIIX’s vision of unleashing the human potential for good, and he was also drawn to ARIIX’s emphasis on putting their Representatives first. These shared philosophies inspired Robert to join ARIIX, devoting his energies to endorsing its message and ensuring that their Representatives have the support and guidance they need.

“I believe that ARIIX is in a great position to create positive change in this industry, and to revolutionize the way people think about their physical and financial health,” says Robert. “I am excited to be creating unique training programs for ARIIX that will focus on personal growth, financial success and overall health.”

“Robert’s talent for fostering entrepreneurial and personal success will be one of the keys to making our Representative support systems stand out,” said Mark Wilson, president of ARIIX. “He is the real deal when it comes to caring about the impact we have on the world and commitment to helping others grow and succeed.”

About Robert Allen
Robert G. Allen is one of America’s most famous and influential financial advisors. He began his real estate investment career shortly after receiving his MBA in 1974 and has turned his successful experiences into several New York Times mega-bestsellers, including Creating Wealth and Nothing Down, which spent 28 and 58 weeks respectively on the New York Times bestseller list. His other bestsellers are Multiple Streams of Income and The One Minute Millionaire. Robert also shares his insight and success strategies on television programs including Good Morning America, Larry King and Your World with Neil Cavuto, as well as in national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Barron’s, Money Magazine, Redbook, and Reader’s Digest. With his business partner, Thomas Painter, Mr. Allen is the co-founder of the Enlightened Wealth Institute. For more information, see

ARIIX is a premier health and wellness company that is using the latest research in nutritional science to create their leading-edge nutritional products.

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Unique Marketing of Colorado 244 Rv Digest It 32 Oz

RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment is a safe and natural cleaning product for your RV's holding tanks or portable toilets. This product will go to work on your camper's toilet by putting billions of healthy bacteria into the holding tank that will biodegrade all of the contents that cause odors and backups and it will do it overnight. Special, expensive RV toilet paper, is unnecessary if you are maintaining your RV water systems with Unique RV Digest-It. We guarantee that all of your black and gray tanks will be flowing smoothly, including those using household toilet paper, after using this product. RV Digest-It will out-work other RV products overnight. Because everything is turned into liquid, dumping is always easy. Plus, if used correctly, it cleans sensors-guaranteed.

Price: $11.95

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Business Trainer comedians David Hull signs with Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency

Stand-up Comedian, sales expert and Business Trainer, David Hull, was signed by the Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency. David Hull is the Star of "David Hull finally on sale".

David isn't your typical motivational speaker. Using his background in stand-up comedy, combined with his outgoing personality and knowledge of sales and marketing, David has recreated the same as a man "on sale". Through its programming, David captures the attention of an audience anywhere as motivational messages and sends sales training through his comedy.

With over 30 years experience in marketing and sales under her belt and a solid background in Network Marketing for the past 15 years, David worked for many of the top companies in the industry.

As high representative, national training Director, Vice President of sales training and even CEO &, of various companies, David was generally contracted to work exclusively with one company at a time. But after 15 years of full-time Network Marketing business, David has finally decided to take his much sought-after talent for humor and training and make it available to the rest of the world.

"After each training/performance that I did, people would approach me and ask me to come and do their events for their company. I really wanted to, but my hands were tied as I was generally contracted to work exclusively for the company I was with, "said David. "I finally removed the" hand-cuffs "and decided to go out and do what I really love ... making people laugh all the while teaching how to motivate & truly be successful in their businesses."
For more information, or to "buy" David Hull, visit

For media questions, please contact Jenn Horner at 407-215-7564 or

About Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency ®

The Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency ® is a media, marketing, PR and branding agency that signs for entrepreneurs and professionals at the top of their fields and helps their customers, spread their message and get in front of a global audience to continue the Mission of their customers to help others.  Nick Nanton, Esq., J.W. Dicks, Esq., Lindsay Dicks and Greg Rollett, principals of the company, represent more than 1000 experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers in more than 25 countries around the world and help spread their message to customers through the use of their proprietary systems for Media, Marketing and PR.

An Emmy award-winning director, Nanton, Esq. Nick is known as the Top Agent at Celebrity experts. Nick's expertise on branding and marketing was looked for and participated in the Chicago Tribune, the California Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Orlando Sentinel,,, USA Today, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, along with NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates across the country.  Dicks, Esq. JW is one of America's leading experts on business development and marketing.  Developed marketing strategies and sales of more than $ 1 billion in sales of products and services.  JW branding and emphasizes the importance of multiple streams of income and scalable business models to its customers and gives them actionable strategies to expand their businesses with the unique strategies to help others in any economic climate.

Cocks and Branding agency Nanton allows companies to brand themselves online to elevate their status as experienced through the use of television, radio and publications.

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Network Marketing Rapid Mindset Hypnosis Success - Volume 1

John Paul Ghetty once said ? I would rather have 1% of 100 people?s efforts than 100% of my own efforts! It certainly seems to make sense doesn?t it? Welcome to the wonderful world of member get member marketing, which is also known as multi-level marketing, relationship marketing and network marketing.

It is a style of business that has created more independent millionaires than any other. For many others it has created secondary incomes from just a few hundred pounds extra per month right up to tens of thousands of pounds per month. MLM is a logical and proven method of word of mouth marketing that creates a quick and effective penetration of a product or service into the marketplace: one which some of the top brand names in the world adopt-Virgin use the concept and so too American Express use this concept to help increase their membership. Indeed, word of mouth is actually the most effective method of marketing any product. No question.

With network marketing/MLM not only do you get paid for recommending a product or service but you can also achieve a small over-ride on the efforts of the people you recommend. It is often the smallest percentage within many commission plans but nearly always the most powerful.
Successful networkers have in the past and will in the future build large groups or organisations of up to 1 million people. With the advent of the web this is probably more achievable than ever. Others have and will only build a group of a few hundred people. Others have and will build absolutely nothing. Diddly squat!

So here is the first truth about network marketing. The system works-people don?t!

For those that do there lies untold wealth and for others a very nice extra income each month. What I do believe is this: that anybody who truly puts their mind to it, and I emphasise the word mind, could or can build a group of 1000 people over a period of time.

If you gained an over-ride of say just10 on each of those thousand members of your group every month that would give you an income of 120,000 per annum. The fabulous thing is that income is like receiving royalties for a song that you have written that becomes successful. Every time some one plays it you get paid. It?s called passive income and is one of the biggest attractions to the concept of network marketing.

In this audio production I am going to share with you the fundamentals of building a large and successful network marketing organisation-what to do and what not to do.

You will be able to take the information on this tape and apply it to whichever company you have decided to work together with and< if you follow the principles in this audio you should soon find yourself well on the road to achieving whatever it is that you desire from the company with whom you are partnering.

I use the expression partnering because in principle that is exactly what you will be doing: becoming a working partner of the company you have decided to become involved with.

I also used the expression ?whatever it is that you desire from the company?. This is one of the key factors to your potential success. You see, there is actually a substantial amount of money to be made within the network marketing arena-yet most people make very little. That?s a fact! Why though you may ask yourself.

The answer is a simple one. All success is fuelled by desire. Not by wishing and not by hoping. Your desire to succeed and the strength of that desire will determine the outcome of whatever it is you should choose to do in life.

This is a point that I will return to and embellish upon later on in this audio.

For now lets look at, talk about and get a feel for exactly what it is that you have to do to start building your own network marketing team or group.


This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

Price: $ 150

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LifeVantage Salt Lake City Conference | Protandim | Review

LifeVantage is a company that is focused on Anti-Aging. This company started in 2003 as a traditional business that went to the network marketing platform back in 2009. It is run by its chief executive officer and President David Brown. Since incorporating the Multi-Level Marketing structure they have increased sales and are showing signs of steady growth. The multilevel marketing platform allows consumers to take the role of an independent distributor and build their downlines to earn residual income.

LifeVantage products are claimed to be unique and have anti-aging benefits. The most popular product would have to be the anti-aging supplement called Protandim, which claims help protect the body against any damage caused by free radicals. The other product is called TrueScience, a topical anti-aging cream. The company claims that all its products are backed and are formulated by extensive research efforts. Currently I am unconvinced as to whether or not these products hold true value due to some of the medical and scientific journals that I have stumbled across in my research that have debunked these products. I challenge anyone that is interested in these products to give them a test run to see how they work for them.

As a publicly traded company, LifeVantage is offering just about anyone the opportunity to earn through joining the sales network. It encourages people who have the necessary drive and ambition to generate an income. Anyone could easily apply to become a distributor for LifeVantage. To start with, it would require its beginners to acquire a basic starter kit worth about $50. A monthly package is sold to marketers who intend to make commissions through selling LifeVantage products whether via recruiting members of directly selling to consumers.

Selling LifeVantage products and recruiting others who would be willing to sell are two ways on how any network marketer could generate income from LifeVantage. You could sell products for direct commission and at the same time recruit other members for downline commissioning. Recruiting other people is actually selling the monthly prescriptions similar to the one you have already bought.  

This seems to be a legit opportunity to pursue, but based on the compensation plan you will definitely need to be persistent in your recruiting in order to make any residual money, however, I have met with a few individuals that are currently doing very well with this company and I was able to find out exactly what they have done to make recruiting much easier.

The bottom line - You need proper marketing knowledge and a great system to make this and any other opportunity work. Everyone goes threw the process where they waste a lot of money trying to find what works for them, they beat up on their friends & family, cold calling leads and so on.

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Social Media Marketing for Publishers

Marketing your books or publishing brand through social media needn't be confusing! This eBook is the essential Publisher's Handbook to all social media activities that you need to know about. Social media marketing expert Liz Murray guides you through a series of social media topics by making the subject matter easy to understand, engaging and personal. You'll learn the same methods that she has used working with well known publishing brands. Key areas covered include social media planning, websites and blogs, Facebook, Twitter, other social media marketing sites, measuring ROI and social media tools. The book is aimed at those who want to gain a low level understanding of all areas of social media rather than extensive knowledge about one area. It's the perfect go to handbook, there when you need to refer to it.

Price: $ 125

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Give Your Day Job A Rest And Become Your Own Boss has laid of three very important tips that can help people achieve their dreams of working at home and running their own online business. One of the most important things any potential small business owner has to take into consideration is if the product or service they are selling is going to be worth starting a business.

Without testing the market to see if the service being offered will be in the interest of others is step one. Talk to family or friends and see what their views are on the item and go from there. Without a new and unique product, the product may not exceed expectations and therefor the business may never have a chance to grow.

The second step that is truly a basis of all business and that is to get familiar with profit and loss. The product and service is a great idea but the market demographics are very competitive which may make it difficult to achieve higher margins. Without enough proper margin there is no way that the company can grow because there is no room to support the business and also no margin to market or pay for advertising of the products or services.

Creating an online business will lower the cost of your small business which will give small business owners more capital to place into marketing and exposure rather than having to pay for brick and mortar rent or leases.

The third step is to make sure that a backup plan is in place. Always have a backup plan in everything that revolves around the business! Start planning out new business plans and find out if the business is going to work while still getting paid at the day job. Set aside a percentage of the weekly check to have some capital for the business. This means in order to start a online business, you will have money set aside for the yearly domain fee, the monthly hosting fee, and the website designer fee. The domain fee is about $10 a month and the base hosting fee is about $25 per month. The website designer fee is going to be where most of the expenses will go. Use the current job to help start your dreams. They owe it to you for all the stress and heartache that you have endured over the years anyways right?

“Becoming your own boss, working your own set schedule are what dreams are made of but achieving this is not easy. Yes, there is a lot of work involved. It may seem like it is taking forever to get your business up and running but these are the growing pains every business needs to go through in order to become successful."

"No matter what challenges your business faces, stay positive and remember that with every challenge is an opportunity. I can guarantee you that a challenging day running your own business is a much better day than making money for your Ex-boss." has more information about how to become your own boss and quit your job without having to struggle with financial issues in the future. There are many ways to live your dreams and becoming your own boss is just a step to financial freedom. has published numerous articles to provide the most up to date current events for people to share all over the world. A great way to gain financial freedom and become more successful in life, and an easier way to get caught up on the current events that the world has to offer.

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Sales and Marketing Pro

Palo Alto is pleased to announce Sales and Marketing Pro. Sales and Marketing Pro will help you elevate your sales career to the next level with professional sales tools that are proven successes. You will also learn how to develop a bulletproof marketing strategy and make it real.

Price: $99.95

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Do You Really Want to Make Money, Or Not?

This really disappointing, people just want money to be handle to them and do not do anything to deserve it. I have bee offering this opportunity which is only $10
per month to start making real good money every day' and no body seems to care to even investigate some more. This Company will even let you test drive it for FREE for two long moths, this is correct, once you join for free you will get 100 points and you will see this 100 point grow up 235 points and the 100 points given to you will retire leaving you with 135 VIP points.

At this point if you haven't done it yet you will need to upgrade your membership to at least Silver which is $10 per month in order for your VIP point to keep growing, the difference now will be that this VIP points will be producing MONEY every day. The average that you will be making is about 1.5% per day. This Company has also an auction site, this is a penny auction website and you could save up to 90%  off the retail price. You can bid on electronics, house hold items, camping equipment and much more.

And what is even better for you, when  you sign up for the auction site I will give you 50 bids so get started right away and it is completely free for you, plus the free bids makes this a great deal. OK, this all I can say on this matter at this time, I know that you really are smart  and you want to learn more,so go to the website shown for more info.

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The New Rules of Marketing &amp; PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly

David Meerman Scotts marketing bible has become a modern day business classic.

This is the book every ambitious, forward-thinking, progressive marketer or publicist has at the front of their shelf. Business communication has changed over the recent years. Creative ad copy is no longer enough. The New Rules of Marketing and PR has brought thousands of marketers up to speed on the changing requirements of promoting products or services in the new digital age. This is a one-of-a-kind, pioneering guide, offering a step-by-step action plan for harnessing the power of the Internet to communicate with buyers directly, raise online visibility, and increase sales. Its about getting the right message to the right people at the right time - for a fraction of the cost of a big-budget advertising campaign. This new, updated edition includes:

  • A new introduction discussing recent changes to the world of marketing and PR
  • A brand new chapter on mobile marketing
  • An additional chapter on real-time marketing and PR
  • Updated information on how to measure the success of your campaigns
  • A range of new tools
  • Fresh case studies

Price: $19.95

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Economy: Is the Job Marketplace Being Replaced With ‘Micro Jobs’ Online? The SFI agrees!

A social commerce site, or more commonly known as micro job or gig site, named has been paving the way in helping to build up our economy, from online. Launching in late October of 2010, they are quickly becoming very credible in helping the unemployed obtain what has been notably referred to as “micro-employment.” A quick email verification upon registration, and a couple of hours of posting and sharing simple services, tasks, and/or products you may have, will put real money into your PayPal account, in only 48 hours later.

According to The Success Factory International, “America is in the midst of an extraordinary workplace transformation… the home-based business phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down.”

These gig sites have popped up all over the place online, yet only a small market are most familiar with them. The simple question of “what would you do for $5,” has brought on a deluge of “micro-marketplaces,” that has been the replacement of regular 9-5s for a lot of users who occupy them.

“I got consumed as a buyer at first because of how fun the searching was for gigs I’d come across. Then I decided to give it shot and sell a few myself, and I made my first $30 online in a week!” says Larry Saber, who is the founder of “The problem I saw was the more high paying gig sites, didn’t get much traffic. So the lower paying sites were the most active. You could get a bunch of sales fairly quickly, but only have a few bucks to show for it. That’s when I decided to launch a high paying gig site that paid out the fastest (instead of the average 10-14 day wait payout period), and brought in a lot of traffic. Who knew it would replace some people’s jobs in a few weeks’ time?”

Trading Economics says, “The unemployment rate in the United States was last reported at 9 percent in October of 2011. From 1948 until 2010 the United States' Unemployment Rate averaged 5.70 percent reaching an historical high of 10.80 percent in November of 1982 and a record low of 2.50 percent in May of 1953.”

With statistic as such, and opportunities that have been consistently sprouting from sites like, maybe we will be able to save ourselves without the government’s help.

Crazy8err is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell gigs, or micro jobs, for business, as well as entertainment. All sign ups are FREE! Buyers can purchase gigs for as low as $8 and sellers can offer gigs for as high as $80, and receive their payments in ONLY 2 DAYS.

Because of our wide range of pricing we are quickly earning the reputation for being The #1 resource for those in need of outsourcing, as well as to those who are simply interested in making money from selling their products and services. With our accommodating customer service, we take pride in protecting our buyers just as much as our sellers here at Crazy8err.

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World Marketing Pelonis ClassicCeramic Furnace

For the ultimate in heating comfort, these innovative honeycomb disc furnaces provide the best combination of power, safety, and energy efficiency. Models include 5 disc units for quiet operation, electronic temperature controls, LED room temperature displays, overheat safety system, and fan accessories for spring/summer use. They are the safest, most powerful, and most energy efficient portable heaters available anywhere.

Price: $112.99

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Flexible Way to Earn a Living: Commercial Space Plus EIGHT Beautiful Apts Near the Beach

In the time-honored tradition of working at home, consider moving your life to this affordable piece of paradise --  over 4800 square feet comprised of an office/commercial space on the ground floor, and atop it, SEVEN 1-bed, 1-bath apartments, plus one 2-bed, 2-bath apartment. There has been no vacancy in 3 years.

The reasons are obvious. The  building is beautiful and superbly located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, between the Pacific Ocean and the jungles of the Sierra Madre. It's only a few blocks from world-class  beaches, and walking distance to everything you need. Vallarta is a happy, friendly city set on a huge, beautiful Pacific bay known for unparalleled sunsets. It's also known for great weather, gourmet food, and pristine nature activities. This past summer, AARP named Puerto Vallarta its number one best retirement spot outside the U.S.

The building you can call yours is a lovely, blue, well-maintained 2-story edifice, with big arched wrought-iron windows and doors throughout, an interior courtyard, and tile floors and baths. Current income from rentals is $26,000 pesos per month.

This could make a fantastic bed and breakfast, and is already a proven winner as far as rental income, plus you'll have a nice big shop and/or office space for your (or someone else's) commercial enterprises. The price tag for all this beauty and potential? An asking price of only $350,000. This has got to be one of the best real estate deals in Puerto Vallarta.

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Palo Alto Marketing Plan Pro 11.0 Powered by Duct Tape Marketing [Download]

The popular Duct Tape Marketing system from John Jantsch is now a step-by-step software package from Palo Alto Software, Inc., makers of the best-selling Business Plan Pro. With detailed instructions and examples, audio guidance, and built-in spreadsheets, Marketing Plan Pro 11.0 powered by Duct Tape Marketing gives you everything you need to create a simple, effective and affordable marketing campaign. John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing system is designed to take the jargon and confusion out of marketing for small businesses. In this system, "marketing" is simply this: getting people who have a specific problem to know, like, and trust you.

Detailed instructions and examples guide you through the process of creating your goals and translating your plan into action. Each section contains an audio overview, narrated by John Jantsch The Tasks list walks you through the Duct Tape Marketing process, step by step, to help you: Identify your ideal customer Discover your remarkable difference Structure product and service offerings to turn suspects into prospects, prospects to clients, and clients into repeat clients and champions Create lead generation, conversion, and tracking plans Get everyone in your organization to take on a marketing role Create concrete goals to measure marketing success Marketing Plan Pro gives you strategies and tasks to make marketing a part of your daily business activities, and to train every employee for their marketing roles. Linked spreadsheets with automatic plan vs. actual comparison help you make course corrections for sales and expenses as they happen. Built-in Milestones features help you assign marketing responsibilities, set goals, and then follow up. Flexible features for all kinds of plans

Price: $179.95

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Officescape is committed to sponsorship Platinum for Telework Summit 2012

Promotion of telework is pleased to announce that Officescape will continue its support to the promotion of teleworking with a sponsorship from keystone of telework Summit 2012 which will be held in Indianapolis 31/10 and 11/1. Officescape offers its customers a suite of solutions with comprehensive telework and a platform that simplifies aspects of the teleworker communications, security of data, management, reporting, and more.

As part of its contribution, Officescape will provide a summary of your Telework530? of the programme, a process of planning and improvement of teleworking facilitated.  Takes the participating companies and partners of telework through key 5 steps within 30 days to start or improve a formal telecommuting program and offers integrated solutions to make everything work. In addition, Officescape provide everyone with access to your Virtual Office 2.0 and the opportunity for interested companies to participate in a pilot program of telework customized for your organization.

Advance for Telework Summit 2012 registration is about to expire on 8/31.  The event will be held in the Convention Centre from Indiana on 10/31 and 01/11/12. For more information about telework Summit 2012 or register for the event, visit or call the 888.5. to speak with a representative of promotion of telework TELEWORK.

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Funny Worlds Greatest Stay At Home Mom Occupation Job Cartoon - 8x8 Framed Tile

Funny Worlds Greatest Stay At Home Mom Occupation Job Cartoon Framed Tile is 8" x 8" with a 6" x 6" high gloss inset ceramic tile, surrounded by a solid wood frame with pre-drilled keyhole for easy wall mounting.

Price: $26.99

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Real Estate Flipping: How To and Coaching

On March 18-20th Fortune Forward Education will be hosting its first “Flipping for Financial Freedom” in Bloomington. “As we all know, the glut of foreclosure properties on the market are in a state of disrepair, and typically require rehab to become habitable.” said Mike Mangan, CEO and Founder of Fortune Forward Education.   “This represents a phenomenal opportunity for the educated investor who can acquire these properties at prices well below market value.  After rehabbing the property, the investor can resell it for a handsome profit to owner occupant buyers who are unable or unwilling to rehab a property themselves.”  

The goal of the “Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom” workshop is to assist less experienced investors in profitably and effectively managing a flip transaction. There are various potentially costly, but avoidable, pitfalls inherit in flipping a property.  It is more important than ever that investors take the steps necessary to reduce risk and optimize their profits.

“With Spring around the corner, now is the ideal time for flippers to start the flip investment cycle, which typically lasts between 4-7 months,” said Mangan.  “As most Midwesterners know, winter is not the ideal time for home buyers to go house hunting.  However, winter IS the ideal time for an investor to purchase a flip property.  Purchasing in late winter or early spring allows the smart investor to be poised to have the property fixed up and on the market at the start of summer.  As summer is traditionally the season with the highest volume of buyers looking to purchase, working with the seasonality of home buyers is essential”

To register for Fortune Forward’s “Flipping for Financial Freedom” Bus Tour please call (651) 636.7355 or log on to

About Fortune Forward Education, LLC

Dedicated to helping all people experience the powerful benefits of real estate, Fortune Forward Education uses their knowledge, experience and expertise to competently and ethically guide investors through the sometimes thorny and complicated real estate investment process.

Fortune Forward Education has taken all the specialized knowledge acquired through facilitating hundreds of real estate transactions, as well as the invaluable experience acquired through operating businesses in fields directly related to real estate investing, and poured it into its unique, comprehensive coaching programs, workshops and online material.

Lindsay Phillips
Marketing Assistant

Fortune Forward is an educational company focusing on Real Estate Investing. Our genuine desire is to empower others to achieve success. We are committed to motivating students to reach their goals through coaching, workshops and networking.

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Funny Worlds Greatest Work At Home Mom Occupation Job Cartoon - 8x8 Framed Tile

Funny Worlds Greatest Work At Home Mom Occupation Job Cartoon Framed Tile is 8" x 8" with a 6" x 6" high gloss inset ceramic tile, surrounded by a solid wood frame with pre-drilled keyhole for easy wall mounting.

Price: $26.99

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Business Help Is One Click Away

Freeman Enterprises is known for websites: Just type in Freeman Enterprises into any search and see for yourselves. We've been helping small, home-based businesses succeed for over two years. With websites like and NFL, we’ve created some premier shopping sites for you and your family. We save you tons of money when it comes to online purchases. With our sites like Texas Gifts & Wholesale and Sweet's Biker Gifts, we have allowed the public to access great deals on wholesale and bulk merchandise.  

Anyone who knows us at Freeman Enterprises, know that we can help you build a website, place products and take care of your shipping needs through our various drop ship programs. We offer services that heighten your websites online presence and rankings. We will be there for you at the start and see you through until you are where you want to be.

And now, announcing a brand new website; Free-Co Business Services. A place to go to communicate with other companies, learn ways to expand your business and mind, exchange tools and ideas, buy and sell services and products that advertise your website and hopefully, make you some money; a place with great tools for your website and your business savvy.

Free-Co Business Services has a wide array of free downloads. We offer a multi-level user system that will ensure that you get the services you need. From our free “Friends” level to our top of the line “Partners’ level there is sure to be a service level that is just right for your business. You can create blog posts right within your own business page, place your social media tags, buttons and badges, offer downloads to your customers, advertise your affiliates, insert widgets, gadgets and all is accomplished with or without your HTML . Some levels will allow the creation of polls and if needed a YouTube video embedded right to the page.

Is your business in the business of buying and selling? If it is then a visit to our classifieds section just might be the tool you need. We allow free placement of personal ads and you may also place an ad for your website. Each week we have a “Website Spotlight” which, possibly, your company may grace its pages. You only need to visit the site and fill out a quick form for your site to be considered.

In conclusion, Freeman Enterprises has launched a new site, FreeCo Business Services and it is well on its way to becoming a well ranked site. We have been live for less than a week and have already received close to 20,000 hits and that number will continue to rise with time. By next week we should be receiving over 2500 hits a day and as more companies climb on boards, it can only get better.

Freeman Enterprises is a group of great companies designed to help the small, home-based businesses of America. Through our great programs, website building, products and advertising we help you succeed in your dreams of business ownership.

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Funny Worlds Greatest Work At Home Mom Occupation Job Cartoon - 11oz Mug

Funny Worlds Greatest Work At Home Mom Occupation Job Cartoon Mug is available in both 11 oz and 15 oz. Why drink out of an ordinary mug when a custom printed mug is so much cooler? This ceramic mug is lead free, microwave safe and FDA approved. Image is printed on both sides. Hand washing is recommended.

Price: $15.99

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Business Model Of The Past Makes A Savvy Comeback

In a down economy, many women are regaining control of their financial futures- reigniting the popularity of direct sales.  But forget the old fashioned Tupperware parties- these tech savvy, social networking women are modernizing the direct sales industry.  They are part of Clever Container, a new direct selling company that is completely unique to the industry- the only one that focuses on organizing products.  

More women than ever are working from home and, thanks to modern technology, redefining the work/life balance.  Women want to contribute to their household finances, but refuse to sacrifice time with their family. Direct sales is a natural fit for this shift in priorities and Clever Container allows women to make a successful business out of being organized, while being in complete control of their schedule and income.  

"We're recession-resistant in the sense that more people come to us during economic hard times for supplemental income or replacement of a lost job," says Neil Offen, president of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the trade group that represents the largest U.S. direct sales companies.

In fact, the average annual growth in direct sales during recessionary years is 4.5%.  It’s a “recession-resistant” industry that has helped countless families survive tough economic times, so this 100th anniversary is a real celebration.

Clever Container brings a fresh approach to direct sales with its uniqueness in its products and education.  It is the only DSA member which specifically demonstrates and sells organizing products.  Also, the company structure is as fun as their products: a Clever Consultant can either throw an organizing party by choosing from two fun product-oriented party formats, or a consultant can teach a class on organizing kids, closets, pantry, or office which is more structured and hands on.

About Clever Container:
Clever Container is a direct sales company focusing entirely on organizational products. During July of 2006, friends Karen Eschebach, a professional organizer, and Jennifer Weaver, a stay-at-home mom, had a light bulb moment! Why not bring organizing tools and techniques to those that can benefit most from it; EVERYONE! Launched in January 2007, Clever Container continues to grow as more and more Consultants join this unique business opportunity.

For more information, photos, or interview requests, contact Holly Kile, Clever Container:, 317-883-9758.

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Funny Worlds Greatest Stay At Home Dad Occupation Job Cartoon - 8 Inch Porcelain Plate

Funny Worlds Greatest Stay At Home Dad Occupation Job Cartoon Plate is 7.5" in diameter. Made of white porcelain featuring two 24k gold rims. Excellent to give as a gift commemorating a special person or event. Stand included. Decorative use only.

Price: $38.99

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Beauty Health Gift Items Still Most Popular During This Christmas

Despite the mad rush for electronic gift items such as smartphones and tablet PC's this Christmas season, health and beauty items remain higher on Christmas gift lists everywhere, evidenced by rising sales of heating and pain relief products as the cold months come along.

That's good news for companies like Chi Activate, makers of the ChiSoft Neck Traction device. But according to Mark, Product manager of Chi Activate, the popularity of beauty health and products in the Christmas months doesn't come as a surprise.

“We at Chi Activate have known for years that beauty and health is one of the greatest Christmas gifts you can give to a loved one,” Mark says. “Giving someone a $79 device to get rid of that decade-long neck pain is arguably more meaningful than a $499 tablet PC you'll have to lean in to use, wouldn't you say?”

Free Shipping And Extended Money-Back

Like many similar companies, Chi Activate also goes the extra mile for their customers by making the Christmas shopping experience easier. For instance, Chi Activate is waiving all shipping fees on items bought from their online store this Christmas Season.

Chi Activate also extended their money-back guarantee to 45 days to accommodate returns and replacements -- “Just in case they really did want that tablet PC,” Mark laughs.

The Christmas gift shopping have been planned in advance. “We pay very close attention to what our customers are saying about our products,” Mark explains with a smile. “We knew that while our health products relieved their pain and discomfort, promos like these may also offer some financial relief -- something we all need in today's economic climate.”

That means products like the ChiSoft Neck Traction, which has helped slipped disc and whiplash sufferers relieve chronic neck pain right at home, can reach doorsteps more quickly, more easily, and more affordable. More about neck traction here:

Spreading The Christmas Warmth

Warmers are also high on Christmas gift lists everywhere this year, especially in colder climes. That means even more good news for companies like Chi Activate and their customers, who offer health products that relieve pain through sustained heating.

Two such health products on Chi Activate's roll include the Bio Heating Shoulder Pad (, designed to relieve shoulder pain and reduce stress and tension, and the ChiOndo Microwave Heating Pad, which relieves aching muscles and joints with the use of safe, far-infrared radiation.

Chi Activate is a company that specializes in health products that relieve chronic pain in the muscles and joints, right in the comforts of home. For more information on Chi Activate's products, visit their website at

Chi Activate specializes in innovative beauty and health products such as ChiSoft neck traction, heating pad, infrared lamp, Fyola facial massagers and more. Chi Activate has over 400 resellers worldwide. All branded product only online available.

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Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Network Marketerââ'¬â"¢s Soul is perhaps the first book of its kindââ'¬â??one that expresses what the direct sales industry is really all about: people.From the authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, this groundbreaking book focuses on human successes that were realized with the help of network marketing. You will want to share these stories with everyone you know as you read about people who have conquered adversity, discovered the meaning of life, healed old wounds, united families, learned to ââ'¬Å"smell the rosesââ'¬ï¿½ and reached amazing new heights of financial success and self-awareness.This book focuses on how MLM has influenced people in the industry and those around them in a positive, often life-altering way.

Youââ'¬â"¢ll read about people who have discovered that reaching out to their fellow human beings is the best way of achieving greatness and how ordinary people can achieve the most extraordinary heights when they are in the right vehicleââ'¬Â¦and that vehicle is network marketing.(Paperback, 291 pages)ââ'¬Å"Chicken Soup for the Network Marketerââ'¬â"¢s Soul shows the world the human side of this multi-billion dollar industry through the wonderful true stories of human triumph over adversity, and how an industry can help average people do incredibly above average things.ââ'¬ï¿½T. Harv Eker, author of #1 N.Y. Times Bestseller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mindââ??¢ââ'¬Å"Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer's Soul is full of stories of people that have done just that, they have become the motivation and inspiration for others. If you'll allow it, this book can help take your game to a higher level, while the quality of your character gets deeper."Mike Singletary, Hall of Fame Linebacker for the Chicago Bears, currently Asst. Head Coach/Defense for the San Francisco 49ers.


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GRF extends the workplace with jobs @Home

The majority of the jobs is filled in Guthy|During the coming weeks Renker fulfillment services allow you to convert your morning trip on a walk down the aisle.
Using training modules online and videoconference that keeps supervisors in contact with their agents, @Home GRF program is allowing a further growth of the services to the customer that the company offers to its Guthy|RenkerTM brands. @Home approach worked so well that GRF is adding more than 100 new jobs in the next 60 days, in an extension of their service programs customer for technology and computer items.  A few charge sales fees are available, according to the company.

The company will host job fairs to help fill new positions Monday, February 4 in your Covington Center, call and Friday, February 8 at its headquarters in 1845 Brevard Road Arden NC.  Applicants can also visit web site the company to register online prior to job fairs. Call Center Director Debbie Jones said that approximately two thirds of new hires for the 2013 is expected to enter the @Home GRF agent program.   This is the first year GRF plans to hire more agents working from home than at its facilities in brick and mortar, according to Jones.

"Until we had our training online and monitoring platforms built us limited to hire people who could come to our facilities for training and work.  We are now able to provide the information and support they need to be successful in their homes, "he said. Most of the new jobs will be directed to applicants with recent model equipment and connections for high speed internet that qualify for the work at home program.

"At any given time, simply run out of space here in the call center.  If we want to continue to expand our business, we can continue to build larger buildings or take advantage of new technologies", said Jones.  "We now have the tools to expand the company beyond our physical facilities".
Applicants must live in North Carolina or Louisiana.  More information about the jobs is available at

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Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA DataVac Pro 4.5-AMP Computer Vac/Blower

Stop having to fret over the cleanliness of your computer and let this vacuum cleaner/blower do all the work. Powered by a .5 HP motor, this electronic vacuum cleaner removes hair, dust, debris and paper from intricate and tight crevices in a wide range of office equipment. Features a disposable bag for quick and easy cleaning. Lightweight design (3 lbs.), shoulder strap and sturdy steel design make it an ideal tool for workers on-the-go.

Price: $99.50

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Bcharmed Joins Direct Sales Family

After a year and a half of rigorous planning and preparations, the team behind Bcharmed is pleased to announce the company’s official launching.  Bcharmed is a new party-plan direct sales company that offers a line of customizable jewelry pieces.

Bcharmed offers a wide selection of jewelry ranging from charm bracelets and necklaces, stamped metals, key chains, to customizable charms including baubles, locket pendants, and birthstone necklaces. The company utilizes a multi-level marketing framework for distribution, offering their independent stylists 2% up to 9% of their recruits’ commissionable sales. Personal sales commissions range from 20% to 37%, depending on one’s level of leadership. Bcharmed’s strength is in their products and compensation plan, which is up to par with some of the largest direct sales companies in the industry.

Bcharmed starter kits are offered for $199, which is within the standard price range of average starter kits offered by direct sales companies. The kit includes $600 worth of Bcharmed products.  Other stylist exclusives that new sales representatives can expect to receive upon joining include; business tools, full access to the company’s official training and support forum, and a B Compensated card file. Starter kits are also inclusive of free catalogs, boutique invitations, boutique hostess sign up forms, order forms, business cards, and optional branding packages including bags, apparel, and company stickers for cars.  

Bcharmed features showcase boutiques, which is the company’s version of a catalog party. Stylists are given a portable kit that include catalogs and inventory products to allow interested consumers to “see and feel” the products for themselves. Consumers are given freedom over how they want their Bcharmed jewelry designed and customized. The team behind Bcharmed encourages consumers through their products to “cherish special moments through symbols that will allow them to remember these special events forever”.  The company ensures product quality to consumers through their “Lifetime Replacement” guarantee.

Aside from the business opportunity, the company is also proud to announce its hostess rewards program for people interested in hosting Bcharmed boutique parties.  Hostesses can earn a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 25% free Bcharmed credits, which can be used to purchase any Bcharmed jewelry piece from the catalog. The rewards program also offers 50% discounts on up to four products to party hostesses, depending on party sales.  

Interested direct sellers who want to learn more about this new direct sales company can visit Bcharmed’s official website, or contact an independent stylist in their area.

About The Direct Sales Network:

The Direct Sales Network offers information on new and upcoming Direct Sales Companies. Visit to find information on anything Direct Sales.

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Building Your Network Marketing Business

Building Your Network Marketing Business is excellent for prospecting and follow-up. It is loaded with such great network marketing information that even the aspiring and seasoned distributor will be inspired!


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Affordable 'Become a Virtual Assistant' eBook Launches to Rave Reviews

Virtual Assistant Forums, the online community for virtual assistants at all levels of business development, launched the new ‘Become a Virtual Assistant’ eBook last week to rave reviews. At 110 pages the eBook is packed with information, direction and advice to help new and aspiring virtual assistants successfully navigate the small business startup process and get down to business.

The eBook is accompanied by 22 business-building worksheets, sample contracts and business documents and is an incredible value at just $29, The package also includes a hand-picked list of 100 of the hottest and most useful small business and virtual assistant industry resources available on the internet. The ‘Become a Virtual Assistant eBook package provides immediate access to everything necessary to start a virtual assistant business; creating a virtual assistant business startup experience that’s not only organized and efficient, but enjoyable.

“Starting a virtual assistant business can be a confusing, frustrating, expensive and time consuming process. It may take months to get all of the questions answered and put the necessary pieces in place.” Comments Tess Strand Alipour, founder of Virtual Assistant Forums. “The ‘Become a Virtual Assistant’ eBook is a road map designed to help aspiring virtual assistants get from where they are right now, to right where they want to be. It provides the information, organization and direction they need at an affordable price.”

Become a Virtual Assistant - The Virtual Assistant Forums Guide to Success is available for purchase exclusively from the Virtual Assistant Forums website. Visit to learn more.

About Virtual Assistant Forums:
Virtual Assistant Forums is the free social networking and discussion forum for aspiring and established virtual assistants. Registered members gain access to a welcoming network of fellow small business owners sharing a wealth of information as well as countless virtual assistant business resources. Register for forum membership, browse the Virtual Assistant Directory and purchase the new Become a Virtual Assistant eBook at:

Virtual Assistant Forums is the social networking and discussion forum for virtual assistants at all levels of business development where the only 'membership fee' is participation!

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Business Is Booming!

ââ'¬Å"The best-kept secret of the business world ââ'¬Â¦ An industry with steady annual growth, healthy cash flows, high return on invested capital, and long-term prospects for global expansion.ââ'¬ï¿½ ââ'¬â??Fortuneââ'¬Å"The first truly revolutionary shift in marketing since the advent of ââ'¬Ë?modernââ'¬â"¢ marketing ââ'¬Â¦ over 50 years ago.ââ'¬ï¿½ -Tom Peters, Bestselling AuthorToday, weââ'¬â"¢re witnessing a business boom thatââ'¬â"¢s providing financial freedom to many. * Investors on Wall Street are noticing it! * Fortune 500 companies are adopting it! * Experts are writing about it! * The media is talking about it! * Millions are doing it!In other words... BUSINESS IS BOOMING!Today, we are witnessing nothing less than a direct selling business boom. And the trend is going nowhere else but up.The Business is Booming Audio CD is the perfect recruiting tool that reveals what direst selling is and why this economic powerhouse has taken Wall Street and home-based business entrepreneurs by storm.It Validates. It Reveals. It Revolutionizes the Way People View Direct Selling.


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Launch Alert! New PPC Site Coming Soon! Get Paid to Click! is one of the newest and from all indications will be possibly one of the best PTC sites on the Internet today. is loaded with valuable, cost-effective options for advertisers. As getting paid for clicks is the ideal way for budding Internet Marketers with non-existent operating budgets to get into the game, PPC traffic exchange is a also a great way to make money online.

It is definitely 'working smarter' to be able to advertise with little or no cost and make some money while doing it to boot!  So if you are looking for a way to give your new business a kick start, try Once you have a little money, you can purchase credits to get your ads displayed, and keep getting paid to click to keep up your momentum using free or affordable advertising!

And realizes that another important aspect of helping new businesses get started is having resources for the extended learning process that is required to develop an Internet business. While it is lots of fun to 'work at home' alone, it sure is nice to be able to ask real people a question when you are confused or need to make an important decision. That is why having a forum is one of the best benefits that a website can provide.

Folks can ask 'veteran' marketers what has worked for them and what the best strategies are; and at the same time they can encourage their peers and receive the same in return. Some of the features included will be:

* A secure environment with anti-fraud protection
* Professional Support
* Member Forum
* Detailed Statistics
* Targeted Advertising!
* Advertising Bundles!
* Free Ad Credits To Try!
* Unique Hits Daily!
* Paid to Sign-Up:  $0.05 Sign-Up Bonus!
* Paid to Click:  Up To $0.015 Per Click!
* Paid to Read:  $0.025 Per Paid Email!
* Paid for Referrals:  Earn From Your Referrals!
* TE:  1 To 1 Ratio in Traffic Exchange!

And look for lots of additional valuable benefits from in the future, as this new kid on the block will have lots of goodies for members, including contests to earn even more traffic credits.
The bottom line is get over to and become a part of this new opportunity to succeed with your business and make a little cash to keep you going until the money starts flowing your way!

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TEGA Technologies Appoints Senior Sales Executive, Roger Hill, VP of Direct Sales

TEGA Technologies today announced the appointment of Roger Hill as its Vice President of Direct Sales, reporting to TEGA CEO, Bill Hamlin.  With 12 years of experience in the direct sales and network marketing industry, Hill will be focused on marketing TEGA’s URClients suite of innovative mobile marketing solutions to the multi-billion dollar affiliate marketing industry.

Hill has successfully built affiliate sales teams generating revenues of over $100 million annually. His depth of experience provides him with a unique perspective to understand the needs of the network distributor as well as what it takes to support a massive field organization at the corporate level.

Hill states, “I am excited to be working with Bill Hamlin, one of the most creative mobile technology visionaries and help TEGA drive the growth of the best suite of mobile marketing solutions available today for the direct sales and affiliate marketing industries. Communication at both the corporate and distributor level is the key issue that TEGA’s mobile marketing products can solve.”

Based in Irvine, California, TEGA leads the mobile marketing industry in innovation by automating on demand marketing campaigns based on specific customer Interests for most industry verticals including hospitality, retail, non-profit, automotive, gaming, wellness and leisure.

TEGA Technologies revolutionized mobile marketing with the world’s first integrated text, email and voice marketing software. TEGA leads the mobile marketing industry by automating marketing campaigns based on customer Interests for most businesses.

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Funny Worlds Greatest Stay At Home Mom Occupation Job Cartoon - 10x10 Wall Clock

Funny Worlds Greatest Stay At Home Mom Occupation Job Cartoon Wall Clock is a wonderful compliment to any room in your home or office. Made of durable high grade aluminum. This clock has a high gloss mirror like, UV coated, scratch resistant finish and is suitable for a moist environment. Measures 10" x 10" and requires one AA battery; not included.

Price: $38.99

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Kami Dempsey, It Works! Global's "Motivating Mommy Millionaire" Launches

Kami Dempsey, Top Money Earner in It Works! Global, has launched her new website (, with intentions of reaching and benefiting her entire global team. Dempsey’s new site is equipped with the tools and resources to shoot any distributors’ business to the leadership level.  Explore the resources available here and find the way to easily duplicate AMBASSADOR DIAMOND, Kami Dempsey’s SUCCESS!

Dempsey, who at 31 years old has acquired the title, “It Works! Global’s First Six-Figure Monthly Income Earner,” says she was eager to unveil the new website, as she knows it will help move everyone’s team in the right direction. “We wanted to create one place with everything you need to become a leader in this industry,” said Dempsey.

Distributors will find the section labeled “Business Builders,” to be the most helpful.  This section is composed of the steps to success, upcoming team call information as well as archived calls, testimonials from leaders sharing their stories and how they made their way to the top, articles to inspire and to educate you on the industry.  The website also features a new calendar; a collaboration of It Works! Global Corporate events, and also Dempsey’s exclusive “Living The Dream Team” events.

If you are not a distributor but are interested in learning more about It Works! Global products, there is also a section labeled “Loyal Customers,” where you can find all of the information you’ll need to see before you place your order with whoever directed you to

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Legitimate Work at Home Jobs: and Where to Find Them

Tired of the BS Work at Home Scams? I am too! That's why I have written this no nonsense guide to Legitimate Work at Home Jobs and Where to Find Them. I have included over 100 companies that are looking for people to work from home. They Include jobs in a lot of different fields. There will be no stuffing envelopes, no making bead bracelets, and definitely no scamming of other people to earn back the money that you wasted on some scam website that promised to make you rich! You will find tips on interviewing & what to put on your resume. Tips on how to get thru the interview and what to expect from the companies that are looking for people to work at home. Please stay away from all of those get rich scams. Read this book and you will never be taken by one of these scam artists again!

Price: $4.99

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Perfect World Marketing releases proprietary TRI-DEP-TRIX® technology

Perfect World Marketing, Inc. (PWM) announced the release of thier proprietary TRI-DEP-TRIX® technology.  This technology is the first clearly innovative addition to compensation plans for network marketers over the last few decades. To date, no other company has taken the time to guarantee continuous assistance from team members to help satiate neighboring business centers or in other words, until the creation of Perfect World Marketing, there has never been a company so focused on helping its Representatives to help each other.

The TRI-DEP-TRIX® includes a revolutionary 3 x 2 matrix platform that force fills vacant positions with the assistance of team support. The century’s old objective of helping each other has never been more simple or easy to implement.

Today, with Perfect World Marketing’s Tri-Dep-Trix® technology and their exclusive DUAL ENTRY POSITIONING (DEP), marketers around the globe are assisted by each retail sale made individually AND by those marketers in their personal matrix. Each retail sale is recorded by filling not one, but TWO business centers in thier personal matrixes. This new technology permits forced assistance to the novice marketer, as well as rapid cycling for the expert.

Peter Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Perfect World Marketing, remarked, "Perfect World Marketing is revolutionary and more exciting than that, relevant and necessary in today’s struggling economy. The Tri-Dep-Trix® is the first new technology in twentyfive to thirty to come out in the Direct Sales industry.  Network Marketers around the globe are looking for something new and unique and Perfect World Marketing was able to provide that solution."

Perfect World Marketing is the first network marketing company giving money, power and financial peace of mind using the Perfect Debt Solution software as a powerful tool that enables consumers to pay off their debt in as little as 1/2 to 1/3 of the time.

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Go Pro - 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Over twenty years ago at a company convention, Eric Worre had an aha moment that changed his life forever. At that event he made the decision to Go Pro and become a Network Marketing expert. Since that time, he has focused on developing the skills to do just that. In doing so, Eric has touched and been touched by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Now he shares his wisdom in a guide that will ignite your passion for this profession and help you make the decision to Go Pro and create the life of your dreams.

In this definitive guidebook, you will learn to: -Find prospects -Invite them to yourproduct or opportunity -Present your product -Follow up with your prospects -Help them become customers or distributors -Help them get started right -Grow your team by promoting events -And much, much more. Eric s wish is for you to make the decision to become a Network Marketing Professional. For you to truly Go Pro. Because it is a stone-cold fact that Network Marketing is a better way. Now let s go tell the world.

Price: $12.00

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Get Paid to Receive Text Messages

Here's a program that will be in pre-launch November 11, You can get in now absolutely FREE and reserve your place. I joined Oct 31, 2011 and, as of today November 5, 2011, I have 7005 registered in my powerline. Have you ever seen a program grow this fast before even the pre-launch? Text Cash Network is a new division of a five year old communication company owned by The Johnson Group. Brett Hudson, President of The Text Cash Network, Inc., has over 12 years of management experience in the high technology computer field.

Brett created a start up Dot Com company in 1996 from the ground floor and took it public within two years. Brett has a proven  track record of success in team development, internet marketing, retail distribution, lead generation programs and guidance.  Brett has consistently produced top level corporate sales achievements both domestically and internationally. Both Johnson and Hudson have a vision for T.C.N. with milliions of agents and clients to become a serious global giant.

Pre-launch starts November 11, 2011 with the first of its kind patent pending Power Compensation Plan.  Already referral agents from 129 countries have taken advantage of the free registration. There are 5 power streams of compensation:  The Power Grid, The Power Line, The Power Team, The Power Share, and the Power Match. If you are in a T.C.N. non-text supported area (country) receiving up to 5 emails will be implemented.

Using the power of duplication averaging 2 Referral Agents, maximum income would be $2302.50 monthly. If you increase such average to 3 or 4, the maximum income would be too high of a dollar figure to put into print. It should be noted that the 10 level power grid has the ability to produce awesome results without any participation in any of the additional power streams of compensation.

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Make Money from Home: How to Become a Non-Medical Home-Based Transcriptionist

 *** Last Updated May 6, 2012. If you have purchased a previous edition of this book, you are entitled to request free updated editions by emailing Amazon's customer support at ***

Many individuals are familiar with the field of medical transcription and dismiss it as a work-at-home option for them because of the difficulty level, investment, training, and certification required. This book is not about medical transcription.

I'd like to introduce you to a world of transcription that is vastly varied, a place where stay-at-home moms, dads, and singles have the opportunity to earn income typing from home without taking training courses or achieving certification. Read this book today to learn exactly how you can get started in this rewarding home-based income opportunity.

Inside you'll find information about the different kinds of transcription, skills needed to be successful, step-by-step instructions on how and where to get hired, payment details, tax tips, and more!


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The Growth and Expectations of a company called One24

The one thing that I always  tell people when they join One24 is to have realistic expectations and stay the course.  This is not a get rich program and you will get out of it what you put into it. One thing I will tell you is that if you do not talk to anyone about One24 ( you will not have any results. This is no different then if you opened a McDonald's on the corner but never told anyone that you were open for business.

You can have a ball building your One24 business and it doesn't have to be a stressful thing.  Make sure your expectations are in line and then you can build it at your own pace.  You are not going to get rich over night and it is going to take some time to build your business.  Don't make it a life or death thing.  Just invite people to watch the video's and get enrolled for the sweepstakes without any obligation.  Make it a game for yourself and see how many people you can get on your waiting list.  Is everyone going to have the vision? No, not everyone is going to have the vision.  

But you need to expect that.  Remember what can happen by just finding a few (3) who can get the vision?  And all we need to do is find other people who will do the same thing. One thing that I will tell you in advance.  You will have people quit on you!  Wow, what a surprise. But you can't let that change your focus and effect your goals or objectives. Believe me,  I have had people quit before they even got started, but you know what?  I expected that.  Is it frustrating? Of course it is, but that's life. Remember we only need a few then we need to find the people who have the same drive and desires that we have. One24just makes more sense then any other program that I have ever seen.  

I agree with Doc Fran when he said that if you can't make it with One24 then you need to stay away from  Place"]network marketing as a source of income.  That is a harsh statement but it is true.  If you really want to build your business you will find a way to find people.  There are a lot of ways that we can teach you to find people if you truly want to do it. Set your expectations, be realistic about your One24 business and realize that if you never quit, you will eventually make it to your goals.  The compensation program is designed in such an incredible way that everyone can benefit on the growth of the company.  One24 is still in it's formulation stage and as it get's recognition it will begin to explode on the scene.

One24 is still an infant learning to walk. It's program is so unique that once people truly understand the swinging gate, gold rush and the rest of the comp plan you will have people running away from selling water filters and vitamins in a typical network marketing industry as fast as they can. People are tired of out dated compensation programs from some of these companies. One24 actually pays you on the growth of the company and at times there will be fluctuations, especially in companies that are under 5 years old (One24 is a year and a half old) . Will people quit? Absolutely, this industry isn't for everyone but if you take an objective look at One24, you can not find any holes. Period, low cost to start and very simple.

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Prospecting Pro - Master Network Marketing Total Mindware Program

Building Your Network Marketing Business is excellent for prospecting and follow-up. It is loaded with such great network marketing information that even the aspiring and seasoned distributor will be inspired!


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Man leaves well paid (ish) work to try their hand at making money online instead!

The man in question, Tim Campbell, a single dedicated worker in a technology company with headquarters in Cambridge, decided one day, pack it all and try to follow a different path instead.

The decision was not based on a whim, it is a carefully considered choice and thought out that followed several weeks of deliberation and weighing up the options. Tim has been working in his work for more than 3 years and was earning decent money while travelling to foreign locations as part of his work from day to day to reach. Although it was hard work (would work not?) it was no Office work boring, mundane that being tied to one desk all day, every day.

So what makes someone in a situation like that, especially in these times of economic and financial uncertainty of the hand in your notice and left in the uncertain and unknown world of self-employment? Especially in the rather murky world of making money online?

In his own words:

"I had a persistent feeling that I was not fulfilling my potential. I know that it may sound selfish, but I felt that it was putting the best days of my life and all my effort and energy to promote the objectives of others. I felt if I could channel the same energy and the same efforts in my own goals, then had a good chance of success. I also felt that you due to my same to treat of at least. I didn't want to wake up within 40 years and wonder what if? It wasn't a decision I took lightly, but I felt that I was probably in the best position that it would never be give it a go, so I am!"

After doing some financial calculations to calculate how much it could survive without winning any income and start-up to start earning some income by some contingencies, took the step and handed in his notice to their employers and has not looked back since.

It has now been more than 2 months since their last day of full-time employment and the beginning of his adventure into the unknown. You can read about the various different methods and it has tried (successful and unsuccessful) bring the money his web site at (never know, that some of them may interest you) and you can read sporadic updates on his progress on his blog

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The Little Book of Network Marketing "A Pocket Guide"

Don't let the small size fool you! This handy pocket guide packs all things network marketing from A to Z into one concise reference guide that you can take with you anywhere. With an interactive section that allows you to keep your "Why", your goals and your progress in front of you at all times, The Little Book of Network Marketing can be your guide to networking success. There is even a tool on the back of the book cover to "Save your Seat" at networking events. This book covers it all!

The author achieved his company's top compensated leadership position in 14 months and he has penned the steps he took along the way. Not just pie-in-the-sky theory, this little book packs a big punch with practical steps you can take to successfully launch your professional network marketing business. Easy to read and sized to fit in a man's pocket or a lady's purse, take it with you and use it when you need it, wherever you need it.

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Network Marketing Leaders Join Forces in a 90 Day Blitz to Form National Expansion Team

Network Marketing and direct sales professionals are amassing a leadership group that will establish a 90 day blitz to form the National Expansion Team, a group of network marketing leaders that will set the foundation to create 1000 seven figure industry earners under the tutelage of Larry Thompson in the next five years.

Larry Thompson, of Herbalife fame, developed the systems and training that changed average network network marketing professionals in the 80's and 90's into multi-million dollar earners and took Herbalife to a multi-billion dollar industry leader.

He is consulting with one of the top premier company's of this decade to transform, Numis Network into the next Billion Dollar performer and assisting Numis Network in forming the National Expansion Team, a group of leaders that will be trained on the cutting edge business development strategies of today, combining the best techniques using modern technolgy, with old world relationship and team building core values to transform and develop this fast growing network marketing opportunity into a mega giant in the industry in the new millenium.

Numis network vows to give away $10 million dollars in FREE silver over the next five years, to assist in the creation of 1000 new seven figure earners in the industry, and give away 1000's of free Caribbean cruises, exotic vacations and car bonuses on top of the best compensation in the industry.

Using today's technology Numis Network product representatives simply share one of our overview presentations with prospects and potential partners from all over the world in participating countries that include, the US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom to qualify and encourage product sales and distribution around the globe.

To learn how you can qualify for the National Expansion Team, gain immediate access  by watching short introduction and listening to two successful marketing professionals, six figure monthly earners,  that have been groomed by Larry Thompson as they share the strategies to become successful and become part of the National Expansion Team.

When you join Numis Network as an executive, you automatically gain membership to the SILVER PREMIER CLUB.  The Silver Premier Club will send you one MS70 perfectly graded precious metal coin per month on auto-ship.  As you build a team of executives under yourself, in addition to receiving your rare coin, you’ll earn weekly income. For more details about the Silver Premier Club and learning how to receive FREE Silver coins every month watch the following video presentation at:

Unlike powders, pills, potions, juices and other products that anyone can promote, by inviting others and sharing this unique approach to acquiring these quality highest graded MS-70 silver and gold collectible coins, members are acquiring actual assets which last forever and add value and net worth that can be used for future purchases, borrowed against as collateral, cashed out for retirement, or treated as an alternative to savings and passed on to future generations for security.

About the Author:  

Terry Sauerbier is a passionate independent product representative of the Silver Premier Club and shares this simple message, across the US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.  

Terry strives to assist  families, friends, network professionals and the common working man and woman from all walks of life, by passing on this simple message how this incredible opportunity and system can be rewarding for anyone that decides to become a member and or representative as well.

By sharing this simple presentation more and more people are becoming more aware how to better protect and preserve their hard earned dollars, and future financial security with this unique approach, until now was only used by the wealthy.

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Network Marketing For Dummies

Network marketing has helped people all over the world achieve financial independence—and it can help you do the same. As a profession, network marketing invites all people, regardless of gender, experience, education, or financial status, to jump on board and build a satisfying and potentially lucrative business. If you want to improve your current financial situation and are ready to become your own boss, then networking marketing is the way to go.

Whether you want to work full-time or part-time; whether you dream of earning a few hundred dollars a month or thousands of dollars a month, Network Marketing For Dummies can show you how to get started in this business within a matter of days. If you’re currently involved in network marketing, this book is also valuable as both a reference source and a refresher course.

Network marketing is a system for distributing goods and services through networks of thousands of independent salespeople, or distributors. With Network Marketi ng For Dummies as your guide, you’ll become familiar with this system and figure out how to build revenue, motivate your distributors, evaluate opportunities, and grab the success you deserve in this field. You’ll explore important topics, such as setting up a database of prospects and creating loyal customers. You’ll also discover how to:

  • Get set up as a distributor
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Recruit, train, and motivate your network
  • Maximize downline income
  • Take your marketing and sales skills to a higher level
  • Cope with taxes and regulations
  • Avoid common pitfalls
Packed with tips on overcoming common start-up hurdles as well as stories from more than fifty successful network marketers, Network Marketing For Dummies will show you how to approach this opportunity so that you can begin to build a successful and satisfying business of your own.

Price: $21.99

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Super Food for The World & Opportunity without Boarders

We live in a fast paced world where our nutritional needs and overall health are neglected on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by pollution, stress, and poor sources of food that are readily available. Free Radicals in our environment and our foods are destroying our health, our skin, and our bodies. NuVerus believes a healthy body should not be difficult to obtain and that good health is the key to happiness and success. To obtain good health we need a total approach that matches our busy lifestyles. The NuVerus SuperFood product line is the answer to our needs!

Ancient civilizations were known for their wisdom and their ability to unlock nature's secrets. They understood the intrinsic power of SuperFoods like Black Seed (Nigella Sativa), Curcumin, and Aloe Vera, and how they could promote overall wellness. At NuVerus, we have rediscovered the wisdom of the ancients and combined it with modern science in order to unlock the secret to optimal health and wellness.

We believe health starts with healthy cells . . . We created NuVerus Plus the world's premier cellular antioxidant formula
To be healthy we need to manage our wieght . . . We create the NuVerus Weight Management System
Energy is important to daily function . . . We created the first Antioxidant SuperFood Energy Drink
We value our appearance . . . We created the NuVerus SuperFood Skin Care System
We need Omega to protect our Brain, Heart, and Eyes . . . We creatd NuVerus Life, the premier Omega antioxidant formula

Black Seed (scientific name: Nigella Sativa) is in all the NuVerus Products. It is our flagship nutrient . . . and for good reason! known around the world and throughout history for its restorative and medicinal qualities. Truly Black Seed is one of nature's greatest gifts, and that is probably why it is referred to as the "seed of blessing." The ancient Egyptians and Assyrians recognized the power of this healing herb as early as 3000 years ago. Found in the tomb of Tutankhamen, “King Tut”, Black Seed was thought to help the Pharaohs in the afterlife. Physicians as far back as the 1st century used Black Seed to treat a variety of ailments and sickness.

Black Seed is remarkable in that it is one of the few natural, herbal remedies that has been studied by the scientific community and found to have tremendous potential benefit. Today, more and more medical scientists and professionals are recognizing the power of this amazing little seed. It was recently recommended as an herbal remedy by the World Health Organization. Research continues to show the positive results of Black Seed, and it continues to generate excitement throughout the medical industry.

SuperFoods are super because they exceed the requirements of protein, minerals, glyconutrients, immune system requirements, they can also help to detoxify the body and provide everything we need to lead a healthy life. These foods are nutritional powerhouses, containing ingredients that help to fight disease, provide good healthy fats, antioxidants, and minerals. These foods help to fight off all sorts of diseases, act as preventative measures by providing the body with nutrients in chronically deficient areas and help to keep everything working in top form by helping the body to keep itself toxin free.

Years of research and development from the great minds of our Chemists and Doctors. The first step was to develop all of our products with Black Seed Oil as the staple nutrient. Black Seed it not commonly found in liquid nutrition products. NuVerus is the first company we know of to focus on this remarkable SuperFood. The Oil of the Black Seed has a strong pepper flavor, which explains why all the other products on the market have excluded it. NuVerus has used advanced manufacturing techniques to combine the Black Seed Oil in a delicious and comprehensive formula with SuperFoods from around the world.

The next step was to create the highest absorption possible so the body could effectively utilize the powerful nutrients in our nutritional formulas. NuVerus Plus and NuVerus energy are both in a base of 51% Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has a high absorption ability and thus greatly increases the absorption of the other vital nutrients by up to 300%. This is referred to as increased bio-availability. Our patented Aloe Vera comes from a bifurcated process that utilizes the nutritional benefits of the inner gel as well as of the vast array of nutrients in the whole leaf. For this reason, this unique Aloe Vera in contains amino acids, vital minerals like calcium and magnesium, enzymes, vitamins, polysaccharides, and other components that make it a true miracle substance.

It wasn't enough to just have Black Seed and Aloe Vera, our liquid Nutrition products contain ~ 20 SuperFoods including natural healers like Curcumin, Grape Seed Extract, Gingko Biloba, Ginger Root, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Noni, Acai, Green Tea, Blueberry, Goji, and Quercetin.

At NuVerus we don't take shortcuts on quality or safety. Where most other companies would not burden themselves with the cost, time, and energy . . . NuVerus chooses to be different. Our products are Organic. This means each ingredient in our products is of the highest quality. There is no chemical processing in our products. There are no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. At NuVerus we believe that a nutritional product should be natural, the way nature intended it.

We believe that our NuVerus Plus SuperFood antioxidant formula is the world's premier daily nutritional formula . . . and we back that up with testing. Certified ORAC Testing shows that each ounce of NuVerus Plus, that you consume contains almost 9000 units of antioxidants, or the equivalent of consuming 9 servings of fruits & vegetables. This is the highest ORAC score of any product on the market today. But one test was not enough. The CAP-e assay test(Cell-based Antioxidant Protection in Erythrocytes) test is a new method for evaluating the antioxidant potential of natural products based on the concept that many such antioxidant products are only of biological relevance if they are able to protect living cells. In other words, it is a cell-based assay for the evaluation of whether antioxidants in natural products are capable of protecting live cells from oxidative damage. The CAP-e test results for NuVerus Plus were one of the highest ever in the history of CAP-e testing on Natural Products

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Killer Work from Home Jobs: SBI! Site Build It! Website and Business Builder - Make Money Online (Job Search Series)

What’s in This Book?

Killer Work from Home Jobs: SBI! Site Build It! Website and Business Builder details my journey, and the journey of everyday SBI!ers, who have found a way to build a successful, and sustainable business, that allows us to fulfill our dream of working from home. SBI! is a phenomenal online software product, and worldwide community of users, who have discovered the business building capabilities of this awesome technology. For those who follow me through my Killer Work from Home Jobs series of books, this book details the path I took, and the technology I chose, in my effort to accomplish my goal of making money online, for life!

What is This Book About?

Killer Work from Home Jobs: SBI! Site Build It! Website and Business Builder documents the specific research I conducted, and the astoundingly simple SBIer stories that influenced my decision to become part of this global community of business owners, who have chosen SBI!

  • Do you want to work from home?

  • Do you want to make money online?

  • Do you want to build a business that could finance your life?

The idea for the Killer Work from Home Jobs Series came from my trudging to work, as manager of someone else’s business, wondering why I wasn’t happy. I achieved the company’s goals, made good money, but knew something wasn’t right.

I can’t convey the melancholy I felt; I worked hard to achieve success, but wasn’t a happy camper. Once I decided to work from home, I began my journey to find a way to ensure my passion could finance my life! Killer Work from Home Jobs: SBI! Site Build It! Website and Business Builder is comprised of the stories that influenced me in my search to find sustainable freedom.

Who Needs to Read this Book?

Killer Work from Home Jobs: SBI! Site Build It! Website and Business Builder is for people who are passionate about working from home. SBI! is a technology that can just about support anyone’s dreams. Looking for a get rich quick scheme? This is not for you.

SBI! is for everyday people, who have everyday goals. Like administrative assistants, typists, travel lovers, realtors, accountants, or others, who want to offer their services online. It’s for creative crafters, artists, jewelry makers, and more, who want to sell their wares. It’s for writers, app developers, and others who create digital e-products. Have a band to promote? Are you a salesman, a doctor, a lawyer? SBI! is the technology for you. Site Build It! is for retirees or students. My months of research can help your life look the way you imagined.

My Passion

My passion is helping people find a job they love, one person at a time. Killer Work from Home Jobs: SBI! Site Build It! Website and Business Builder can help you find a job you can work from home. You can contact me at to get notice of new Killer Work from Home Jobs books on Amazon.

You’re not just buying a book, you’re buying my promise I’ll tirelessly provide you with the most up to date info at my disposal. I want to help you make your dream come true!

Learn how to find Killer Work from Home Jobs

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