Working Moms Benefit From Technology; Tells How To Earn Same Rewards

Many moms now work while on their favorite PJs.  They work while putting their crying babies to sleep or while preparing their kids to school. That's all thanks to technology that they can now do two things at a time.

With the advancements in technology, online jobs are becoming a fad and mothers are some of those that are effectively benefited. has the information to reach out to mothers on how to earn fast money while being at home.

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“A professor at Pennsylvania State University, Debra Hawhee, found technology very helpful especially after she gave birth to her child.  Her job became more flexible as she can tend her newborn while answering phone calls and emails.  She can always be beside her child even during work hours. “

“Hawhee is just one of the moms in the world who has benefitted with the features of this decades’ technology.  Working moms have two full-time jobs—being a mom and a career woman all at the same time.  Advancements in technology paved the way to make this happen for moms.”

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“Fast-forward 50 years and these middle-class women would more likely be found juggling full-time jobs in today's "knowledge economy," racing between work and their kids' activities, and eating meals on-the-go -- all while tweeting, texting, messaging and blogging, both for business and pleasure.”

"In my research I have interviewed more than 200 women in several different countries who are working in the knowledge economy," said Eileen Trauth, professor of information Services and Technology at Penn State.

"We should have the flexibility to enable family units to enact a variety of ways to achieve a good balance," Trauth said. "This might mean more and better policies for parental leave for both parents, retraining options for those who left the paid labor force for several years and want to return, part-time work that keeps people on a career track, and work-at-home options. Certainly, technology enables some of these options."

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There are so many things that can be done without leaving home.  The net is a world itself that makes distance reachable in a click.  Everyone must be thankful about this.

That's everyone, including mothers because with technology moms can now stay at home and earn while looking after the kids. There is no need to work in an office environment if work can be done at the comforts of a home. Anyone can now earn money fast with the web's help.

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