Work at home Golf MOM site launch

Marketing Specialist Sinnary Sam launches new website, work at home mom of Golf. Sinnary specializes in perspective and corporate events marketing while running a golf course and business networking organization called FORE networks.  The launch of the web site is a simple way of Sinnary share their passion with other sports of working parents.

"He has repeatedly said that he began to publish and in fact was an attempt to on and off."  But just recently I make to start the habit, I really find what I am passionate about sharing with others.  I love having the flexibility necessary for taxi my children around their schedules of sports and I hope to help other parents to achieve the same goal."  Sinnary Sam, work at home mom of Golf.

The blog is about business networks, business marketing as well as how to find a work from home.  Sinnary also touches on his experiences as the mother of golf.

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