Why Now is an Ideal Time to Own a Home-Based Business

If rising gas prices and plummeting temperatures have led you to think about the numerous advantages that home-based business models offer, you’re not alone.

From large corporations that rely on employees, freelancers and contractors who work remotely, to small companies that operate from a home-office, a wide-range of businesses are recognizing the benefits and reaping the rewards that home-based business models provide (http://www.franchisesolutions.com/work_at_home_businesses...).

In an age where computers and the Internet power virtually every business function (http://www.franchisesolutions.com/computer_franchise_oppo...), and cost-cutting strategies provide companies with a much-needed competitive edge, the work-at-home landscape continues to flourish. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA) approximately, half of all small businesses are home-based.

If you’d like to join the ranks of home-based business owners, there are numerous work-at-home franchises and business opportunities, in diverse industry categories to choose from (http://www.franchisesolutions.com/franchise_industry.cfm).

In addition to enabling you to cut your daily commute, home-based concepts also often offer increased flexibility. And unlike traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, that require a storefront or office location, home-based businesses typically feature lower startup fees and low-overhead. Explore the wide-range of home-based business opportunities and franchises now.

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