Wealth on MAIN STREET is Estimated at 5.2 Billion Yearly to U S Economy

Carvel Jones, marketing CEO and founder of Wealth on MAIN STREET, launched in June of this year, couldn’t agree more. “If only 1 per cent of all workers started a new business in their hometowns, the American economy would be boosted by 53 million after each individual made a profit of $1500 by the end of their first month,” said Jones.

A quarter of all workers believe they have a good chance of creating Wealth on Main Street by setting up a new business where they live – but, the fear of failure stops 75% of all new entrepreneurs from taking their product or service to the market.

“If just 5 % overcame their fear and took the easy leap into entrepreneurialism, then the monetary injection would be $257 million.  If every entrepreneur took the leap, the benefit would be $5.2 billion.”

Jones’ marketing company is owned by Just Energy, a publicly-traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Just Energy, with a 2011 Q2 of 3,403,000 residential customer accounts across the US and Canada, up 8% from a year earlier, is a leading independent supplier of essential home utilities.

Just Energy is the largest competitive green energy retailer in North America. Their green energy solutions will always offset the negative impact that energy consumption has on the environment.

By securing the price for natural gas or electricity under structured contracts for periods of up to five years, Just Energy's customers reduce or eliminate their exposure from the inherent volatility of natural gas and electricity supply prices.

The international utility company is expanding in the Midwest; opening 3 offices in Michigan to fill professional sales and marketing positions; commission plus some expenses.  Email resume to info@JUSTENERGYINTERNATIONAL.COM  
Candidates who qualify will be contacted to schedule an interview appointment.

Carvel Jones is using his 20-years of experience as a very successful entrepreneur in the network marketing field to develop the Entrepreneurial Development University (EDU).  Men and women will learn while they earn as they use their skills and abilities from the education room to the real world.

For more information about creating wealth on MAIN STREET, contact Carvel Jones at:
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