The Network for Network Marketers is now live!

Created by an industry leader in network marketing for network marketers from any company!  List your business, tell the world about your product, company and yourself!  Not only will you gain exposure for your business, you will have the added benefit of learning from other industry leaders.  Are you an industry leader?  Share your knowledge!

Vickie Haun created this network for one reason... to help take network marketing back to the industry it was intended to be!  Network marketing is a people helping people industry, it started out that way and should stay that way.  Unfortunately, over the past several years that seems to have gotten lost in the quest for wealth.

The network allows network marketers to not only promote their business but learn from others, share their own knowledge and connect with like minded people.

For visitors or those just considering the industry the site offers information about 25+ companies and how to reach the leaders with those companies!  

What the site is not... it is not an opportunity, it is not a place for paid adveritising (it is 100% free for all), it is not the place to spout your negative opinions about other leaders, products or companies!  The site has a few rules but they are simple:

1.  No slamming other people, products, or companies!
2. No spamming any member or visitor to the site!
3. Be nice!  
4. Be informative.
5. Participate and share your knowledge.

Vickie Haun saw a need, she decided to fill that need by creating the Network for Network Marketers.  If you are involved in the network marketing industry, this is the place to be!  If you are considering entering the network marketing business, this is the place to be!  If you are a trainer, speaker, etc., this is the place to be!  

Joining is simple, simply visit the site and click join.  Enter your name, website and email address.   Upon submission, you will be approved as a member and ready to begin sharing your information or learning from the pros!

In the future, expect to see some pretty big names offering conference calls, training, etc. for you and your team.  Expect to see some high volume traffic from visitors looking for the right sponsor, the right company to align with and build their future.

Don't expect to join the network and build yourself, your product or your company by slinging mud at the others!  Doing so will get you immediately banned from the site!   As Vickie puts it "there are hundreds of excellent products, people and companies in this industry.  What is right for me might not be right for you and that is the beauty of the industry!  There is a perfect match for every person and it is our job to offer information that allows them to choose their perfect match.  If they choose my company and me as a sponsor; it is then my job to help them in every way I can."  

Join the network today and help us take network marketing back to the people helping people industry it started out as!

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