Success in Selling for MLM Companies and MLM Distributors

The challenge is that many people have an imaginable desire of Success, with no real Passion for a particular Product or Service.

Take the MLM Company.
MLM Company A sells Nutritional Products.
MLM Company B sells Candles.
MLM Company C sells Pearl Jewelry.
MLM Company D sells Voip Service
...You state, "These are limited markets." "People are not impressed by any one single product or market."

So, you set out to have 50,000 products, including Satellite TV Service, Mobile Phones, Cosmetics, Purses, and T Shirts. You want to mirror existing MLM Companies, that you believe have established this pattern and seen success.
...You state, "I can be the Walmart or Cosco to the world!!!!"

No need in drawing the picture any farther.
It may be you that I am writing about. An old-time preacher would say I am "Plowing up your Corn Row!"

Six months go by and you've taken on inventory, minimum order relationships with suppliers, print/marketing material, websites, MLM Software, conference call services, merchant accounts, office space, warehouse space, employees... and you've registered 200+ distributors with the largest commission check on sales performance of a mere $28.95.

What happened?
You selected Great Products that everyone "Needs".
You established yourself as a potential Multi-Billion Dollar MLM Company.
There seems to be no excitement among your people. They say, they are excited, but sales tell a different story.

Answer: You took a Shot-Gun approach to your Product Line. That often leads to a Shot-Gun approach to other areas of your business, including Marketing.

With no single focus, your new distributors... your sales force has no focus. They show up to meetings, they smile, they go home... The sell almost nothing.

Had you chosen to launch on 1-2 products, of a common theme, you would have better sales and a growing sales force of independent distributors. Six months into business, make an announcement of a product release, to eager distributors, and an existing customer base. Carefully released with White Papers, Press Releases, YouTube Video, Conference Calls, and possibly an initial discount on the first orders, your product line just expanded with success!
Every 3-6 months, you introduce another product, appropriate to your company's vision, current product line, and market demands.

Even if you are a nutritional supplement company with 200 products. Launch with 1-2 products and follow this formula of product releases. Then, you will see success.

As a Distributor, if your MLM Company has taken a Shot-Gun approach to their product line, don't loose hope.
Follow the same path I just laid out with the MLM Companies.
Select 1-2 products that You can be Passionate about. Remember, the best way to reach success in sales, is to have a personal testimony of what the product/service has done for YOU! Focus on those 1-2 products that you can be passionate about, that you use, and that you have a personal testimony about.
Then, and only then, are sales as simple as Sharing with Others.

After 3-6 months, announce through your personal customers and your personal sales team, a new product of the company for which you can now say you are passionate and WHY!

Keep the momentum going and show consumers your enthusiasm for Real sales of Real products/services that benefit Real People!!!

Those who choose to follow the mass recruit path... This article is not intended for you.

There are real companies, with real opportunities, selling real products/services to real people.
I highly recommend you associate yourself with such companies.

If you are tired of following the wrong people and would like to step out on your own, call me.

I want to see you in the Winner's Circle!


Scott H Leonard

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