Ogbin Announces Release of eBook, “Dominating Money Online”

Every business owner wants more website traffic, but accomplishing that goal may have proven elusive in the past. Ogbin’s eBook walks readers through his proven techniques to make money online, from the initial act of setting up a website to collecting the resulting riches. Anyone can set up a domain online, but how the domain is set up and how it’s hosted can make a world of difference in the number of visitors the site actually receives. The best website in the world won’t turn a profit without motivated buyers. The book explains how to establish a website that actually makes money online.

Ogbin shows readers how to establish a website quickly and easily that works like a traffic magnet. Readers will learn how to create a mini site from scratch that also attracts highly targeted traffic. Learning how to make money online isn’t difficult with the information and tools provided in the guide. Ogbin explores various methods that business owners can use to optimize their website and its performance. Readers can easily implement the techniques themselves, without resorting to expensive SEO gurus.

The author also teaches readers how to make money online in a variety of ways, including affiliate sites that earn their owners top dollars. “Dominating Money Online” shows readers how to write irresistible sales letters and emails that are actually read. Ogbin shares his methods for building huge email lists of potential customers and tactics that entrepreneurs can utilize to collect email addresses.

Also offers Dominating Web Audio, a tool for adding audio to websites that can increase sales by as much at 300 percent. Website owners who utilize sound on their sites grab the attention of visitors immediately, ensuring they focus on the particular business, product or service. Audio can be added in a manner of minutes. Dominating Web Audio automatically creates the needed files, along with a code that users copy and paste anywhere they want on their websites. Users simply upload their files and the code for instant audio.

As an online marketing expert, Ogbin is often asked for assistance in creating a website that will make money online. To satisfy that need, he wrote the eBook and created the audio program to provide others with the same tools he uses to create highly successful websites. In his eBook, “Dominating Money Online,” Ogbin discloses the methods he uses himself to obtain highly targeted traffic. Strategies are also provided on how to make money online that are so easy to implement even novices can do it. Combined with his Dominating Web Audio application, readers have all the tools they need to start making money online.

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