A Cleaner USA, A More Wealthy You

Have you seen or heard of someone who picks up recyclables and turn them in for money? Take that money, multiply it by thousands and subtract all the physical work from picking up recyclables, and you come out with the master plan of what Martavis Parker is offering you. Parker has partnered with a $5 billion company to offer a program backed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

This program is the way to make sure we clean the land that gives but this is not about recycling, it's about electricity. Our country is using finite materials to create and generate our electricity and has been for over 100 years. The last few years have brought us windmill farms and solar panels and they have started to offset the finite materials, but continuing with a mixture of clean and dirty electricity still leaves the electricity dirty. It is essential that we run on completely clean energy. So, if you want to give your kids and grandchildren the kind of Earth and financial position they deserve, it starts now. Join Parker in his initiative to secure our futures.

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